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Work in progress and more!

I can really see how far I've come when it comes to create 3D art (or art in general). More importantly I feel like I have also discovered a part of myself too. Here I want to show you some of my latest projects.

Ancient board game, Senet

Senet, a board game from ancient Egypt. I was inspired by the one found from king Tutankhamun’s tomb. Learned alot while creating this, especially enjoyed painting all those little stains and details.


Noot noot! I’ve always loved Pingu. He is cute, playful, kind... yet little bit naughty and mischievous too. I really enjoyed painting him.

Work in progress - something wicked

It all started from a wand but since I found the themes of magic and occultism so inspiring the project has now grown into a full scene. The model is almost ready - just need to add some details and polish it a bit. The textures will be hand-painted (I'm using Blender with Clip Studio) and you can see a sneak peek of the unfinished floor tile below.

And one more thing...

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