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What's up?

It's been awhile since my last post so I wanted to give a brief summary about my recent activities.

I graduated I graduated from Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences! My thesis research was about creating an UI design concerning travelling for visually impaired persons. This design took a shape of a phone application prototype which I feel kind of proud.

You can read it here in Finnish:
3D modeling  I've been interested in 3D modeling for a long time and now I am studying it whenever I can during my free time. I am using Blender, an awesome open software for 3D work. I am still a newbie but I really have this enduring spark inside me which gives me courage to continue and will to develop myself further. 

Overall I keep on building up my skills about the things I am most passionate and interested in. At the moment those interests consider web page building, 3D modeling, game development, photography and pixel art.

Blender Tu…

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