Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Certification of Group innovation and concept work

In the winter 2015 I took part to Barona's and Haaga-Helia's project which was a combination of group innovation and project work bounded around one's personal dream job.

In the lead of two professionals from Barona we started our journey in concept work. The idea was to find our own path by listening our interests, dislikes and creative side. I enjoyed the process very much and my ideas finally developed into - not only a job - but to a product. My concept was one of the best and I got an opportunity to present it in Barano's Helsinki headquarter.

As I am currently changing my innovation to the reality there will be more information available about it sooner or later. Stay tuned because there is nothing that can stop me now!

My received feedback and translation:

Loistavaa työtä Carola! Meille oli merkityksellistä, että osallistuit niin avoimesti prosessiin. Se näkyy tuloksessa! 

* Olit taidokkaasti sekä oivaltavasti yhdistänyt omat motivaation lähteesi yrityksen toimintaan.
* Idea on raikas, yksinkertainen ja osuva – asiakaskuntaa on jo 100% varmasti ympäri maailmaa
* Käsityöt ja käsityöharrastuksien suosio on kasvanut viime vuosina ja Neuloosi vie tekemisen digitaaliseen aikaan
* Suunnitelma sekä palvelun kuvaus on ajatuksella sekä intohimolla tehty
* Emma: "Uskon ideaan ja voisin jopa sijoittaa tähän!” :-)

Great work Carola! It is meaningful to us that you participated to the process openly. It shows in the result!
* You skillfully and ingeniously combined your own motivation to the occupation of your company.
* The idea is fresh, simply witty - there is clientele in 100% around the world already
* Handicrafts and the hobbies around it has raised it's popularity in last years and Neuloosi (the product name) will bring the activity into digital age
* The plan and description has made with brains and passion
* Emma: "I believe in your idea and I would be even ready to invest in it!" :-)

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