Work in progress and more!

I can really see how far I've come when it comes to create 3D art (or art in general). More importantly I feel like I have also discovered a part of myself too. Here I want to show you some of my latest projects.

Ancient board game, Senet

Made with Blender / Substance Painter / Photoshop

Senet, a board game from ancient Egypt. I was inspired by the one found from king Tutankhamun’s tomb. Learned alot while creating this, especially enjoyed painting all those little stains and details.


Made with Blender / Hand-painted

Noot noot! I’ve always loved Pingu. He is cute, playful, kind... yet little bit naughty and mischievous too. I really enjoyed painting him.

Work in progress - something wicked

It all started from a wand but since I found the themes of magic and occultism so inspiring the project has now grown into a full scene. The model is almost ready - just need to add some details and polish it a bit. The textures will be hand-painted (I'm using Blender with Clip Studio) and you can see a sneak peek of the unfinished floor tile below.

My first seamless texture. WIP.

And one more thing...
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