WordPress installation on Linux

Before starting the installation of WordPress I make sure you have added all the elements of LAMP. It is important to check and double check that your PHP module is actually working. The best way to verify this is to create a webpage with a small example code.

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Creating a MySql Database

mysql -u root -p


CREATE USER wpcarola@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'verydifficultpassword';

I created a new database + user and configured the password.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wpcarola.* to wpcarola@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'verydifficultpassword';
Gave all privileges on this user.

Reloaded the privaledges from the possible grant tables in the database.

And finally exit the database.

Downloading WordPress

Since I had already created a public_html folder for xubuntu I decided to ran the installation under it.
After navigating to https://wordpress.org/download/ I copied the URL of the download link, entered my terminal and wrote:

wget https://wordpress.org/latest.zip  (wget + URL of download file)

unzip latest.zip
Once the download was complete I unzipped the file and wordpress folder appeared.

Configuring the settings and installation

I tried to open the configuration by writing the address based on the file's location (localhost/~xubuntu/wordpress) by using the browser and was ready to start the action!

I entered MySQL information which I had defined earlier.

I got a notification that the right configuration file would be needed. Luckily WordPress configured it for me so all I needed to do was following the instructions.

As guided I made the new wp-config file manually and pasted the text WordPress gave me there.

nano wp-config.php

I could now continue the installation and got to enter the information for my brand new WordPress.

Installing a new theme and plugin

The installation was done. After making a small "Hello World" post I took a closer look on my dashboard. I could already find some pre-installed themes but I fancied something different.

I selected theme from https://wordpress.org/themes/ and copied the URL.

cd wp-content
cd themes

wget https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/pure-simple.1.1.3.zip
unzip pure-simple.1.1.3.zip

After unzipping I could find the theme from my own library.

The installation of a plugin was done with the same method.

From plugin directory I found Akismet that should automatically blog spam messages from the comment box of WordPress. From terminal I chose a plugin folder and installed Akismet:

wget https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/akismet.3.1.4.zip
unzip akismet.3.1.4.zip

Success! The plugin appeared to the library.

Lectures by Tero Karvinen
Based on Linux course by Tero Karvinen (http://terokarvinen.com)


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