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Getting known with Linux

I think it's only natural that our first homework assignment in Linux course was to burn the disk image of Xubuntu on CD (or on memory stick) and test it. This is how it went for me.

Step 1 - The backup

Before starting the operation I want to make sure that if everything else goes wrong atleast I have my important files still left. I used my old but trusty Buffalo's external hard drive (250 Gt).

Step 2 - Downloading the operating system

I got my Xubuntu 13.04 torrent file simply from I chose the 64 bit version and opened it in BitTorrent ( where I could start the download.

Step 3 - "Burning" the disk image

Since I didn't have empty 800mb cd's that the operation system needed I decided to use a memory stick.This method takes a little bit longer but it's definetly not hard.
First I needed to make my USB memory stick bootable so I downloaded a software called UNetboot.
This software is designed to create b…