Searching and installing softwares with Linux Terminal

Before starting to search the softwares you are interested in it is necessary to update the package lists by using the following command:

  • sudo apt-get update

This is how you will get all the newest versions of all the available packages.
In my experiment I searched for softwares with the keywords that met my interests and I didn't have any further experience.

1. Gjiten 

Since I'm learning Japanese language I wanted to find an application that could support my studies. I found from its looks stripped yet comprehensive software called GJiten.
Searching and installing the softwares are done with the commands;

  • apt-cache search your keywords (Mine were Japan Kanji)
  • sudo apt-get install your software (e.g. Gjiten)

After running the install command Linux Terminal will make sure that this is the software you really want to get by telling how much additional disk space the program will take. You can continue installing and press "Y" or cancel the operation with "n".

Gjiten is a extensive Japanese dictionary but its lack of romaji characters makes it hard for a beginner so be sure your hiraganas and katakanas before installing this program.
Gjiten also includes a wide kanji dictionary that doesn't only show the character but all the radicals, readings and stroke numbers of it. やった! (Yatta! = Hurray!)

2. Mahjongg

I am a game addict. I am a Mahjongg addict. Is there anything else to say? I could spend a lifetime with staring at these beautiful digital pieces. I think it's not a surprise I used the keyword "Mahjongg" to find these games.

3. digiKam

Retouching images is something that is part of my daily life so I wanted to find something new related to it. I typed my keywords (photo editing) and selected a random program digiKam that turned out to be a real surprise! DigiKam includes all the necessary tools for a basic photo retouch and beyond and I actually found it easy to use. I would say it is a great free version of PhotoShop and I will definitely keep using it in the future.

System information - OS: Windows 8 64bit Manufacturer: Dell Inc.Model: Inspiron 3721 BIOS: A05 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~~1,8GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM

Based on Linux course by Tero Karvinen (


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