Exploring Linux Terminal and Command-Line Tools

Even though I have used terminal based command-line tools before I have never had to go really deep into the program, so I would say this is totally a new thing for me and I feel excited!

Testing some of the Command-Line Tools

1. Zip and Unzip

At first I started by creating a new folder "Testikansio" and added there three files (Tiedosto1, Tiedosto2, Tiedosto3). These are the files I want to put in a one single zip file and I can do it with the following command:

zip Pakattu Tiedosto1 Tiedosto2 Tiedosto3

It tells the computer to create a zip file called "Pakattu" and copies the wanted files inside that new file. 
At this point I tested the unzip command unzip Pakattu.zip after deleting the original files. If there would be identically named files in the same folder Terminal would ask if the user wants to delete, rename or cancel the process. 

2. Seq

Seq is a mathematical tool that allows you to determine the wanted numbers inside a restricted area.
For example- the basic command seq 2 gives me all the numbers ending to 2 (1 and 2). 
There are also many ways to define the terms for the desired outcome.

seq -w --separator="||" 2 19 300
Prints all the numbers beginning from 2, spaced with 19, ending to 300. 

seq -f "%06g" 101 108
Prints all the numbers from 101 to 108 with additional zeros so the total length of each number is 6 units.

3. ImageMagick - Convert

Because I am a visual person and interested in photography I wanted to give a try to ImageMagick's Convert tool.

The command convert -resize 70% kukka.jpg kukka.gif creates a new picture from the file called kukka.jpg. The new file "kukka.gif" is 30% smaller than the original picture and also gets the new image format "gif".

Compering the converted file to the original.

I ended my experiment by adding the copyright information to my picture with following definitions;

convert kukka.gif -gravity southeast -stroke '#000C' -strokewidth 2 \ 
-annotate 0 '(c) Carola W' -stroke none -fill white \ 
-annotate 0 ' (c) Carola W' kukka.gif


Based on Linux course by Tero Karvinen (http://terokarvinen.com/)


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