Monitoring data with Munin and stressing the system

This installation was performed following the instractions by Tero Karvinen (

Installing Munin

sudo apt-get update
First things first. By running the command I received the latest packages and ensured the correct functionality of programs.

sudo apt-get -y install munin
'sudo software-properties-gnome'
I gave the installation command for Munin and enabled universe repository so I could actually run it. At this stage Mumin should be already monitoring the system.

firefox /var/cache/munin/www/index.html
After entering Munin's location via Firefox I chose to view information of disk space usage. Naturally there was no data yet - Munin updates itself every 5-10 minutes.

Stressing the system

sudo apt-get install iotop
I installed iotop which is a program specified gathering information of the processes stressing a computer.

sudo apt-get -y install stress
After installing and running the program's (stress) name I didn't only get a small manual of the functions but also an example code I could use to stress the system.

I modified the example code and increased the values of vm-bytes and timeout. After running it my computer started humming and I could not get any response for a while because of the long timeout I generated. I opened a new Terminal window and ran iotop.

sudo iotop -oa

Here is a comparison before and after launching the stress. I was able to monitor how stress was opening and running processes by itself.

Before and after stress

Monitoring with Munin

After returning to check if Munin had gathered enough information I noticed a long spike in the diagram. I could see some unused memory and made a note that applications I had used took about half of it.

Log analysis

cd /var/log/
tail syslog

On September 8, 16:51:30 (UTC), Xubuntu gave a command which was invalid since the system did not have enough memory. The process was killed.

Sources: Lectures by Tero Karvinen
Based on Linux course by Tero Karvinen (


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